Capabilities: Change-Management

Change Management

Increase efficiencies by implementing changes in a controlled manner by following a pre-defined model. Record and communicate project changes so the whole team is on the same page. Whether you are controlling change over project or operational activities, WorkEngine offers a familiar SharePoint platform to collect, review and implement changes.

Create New Change Requests From a Single View

Easily capture, assess, and prioritize change requests and associate them with attributes such as Projects, Categories, Assigned to, Status and more.

Automate Change Process Approval

Route change requests for approval so appropriate resources are notified when change requests are entered.

Analyze and Prioritize Change Requests

Easily view change requests and their status across multiple sites. Understand the impact of changes to projects, tasks and deliverables.

Sign Up for Status Alert Emails

Stay up to date on your current change requests by signing up for daily emails that outline your Active Changes and their Status.

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